Husband Wife Jokes


This is a collection of the funniest joke ever you read which is based on the married couple. Marriage is a bond or commitment which is taken by both men and women with love, care, and support. They share a very strong bond and create unforgettable moments.

Love is an emotion and husband-wife live together with that emotion for the lifetime and share a lot of memorable moments which make their life beautiful. Here are some funny Husband Wife Jokes which make you laugh loudly.

Jokes 1.
If a person said,” I will tell you later” it means he wanted to get permission from his wife.

Jokes 2.
Doctor suggest women never touch any alcoholic thing in her life and she got divorced from her husband on the same day.

Jokes 3.
Sam noticed that his credit card is lost but he never visited the police station because thief expenses are less than from his wife.

Joke 4.
She said,” which country invented I Love You?”.
He replied,” Of course, China.”
she said,” how can you say that.”
He said,” because it has no guarantee if it works then till moon if it will not work than till noon.”

Joke 5.
Men visited his friend’s office.
Man-sir, I want a divorce from my wife, she is not talking to me for 2 months.
His friend said,” you should be happy, this unique thing is to happen with a man in the world once in his life.

Joke 6.
Roma said,” do you have your character certificate?”
He said,” No, but why you want my character certificate .”
Roma said,” ok, then give me your mobile phone, I want to check your Whatsapp, gallery or contact.”

Joke 7.
Husband is reading a newspaper and said to his wife.
“Prince look at this newspaper, here is an article about women are using a word twice than a man in a day?”
Prince said,” See, that’s why I have to tell you everything twice in a day.”

Joke 8.
Ram and his wife are traveling in the car.
Ram said to his family,” all of you wanted to roam somewhere this summer vacation ?”
His wife-” a special foreign trip with all of you my dear ones.”
Ram Said to his wife,” I will throw only you as soon as possible at your parents’ home.”

Joke 9.
Husband is sleeping and wife is continuously watching him.
after some time she said,” you are my everything and I love you so much forever and ever or my whole life.”
Husband shout loudly pretending like sleeping,” I just cant be always like that.”

Joke 10.
Husband is throwing a knife on the picture of the wife hanging on the wall but all of a sudden his wife called him and he missed his shot.
The wife said,” what you are doing.”
The husband replied,” I am missing you.”


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