100 people visit Finance Ministry after being denied Bt5,000 handout

About 100 people who were denied the government’s Bt5,000 handout travelled to Finance Ministry headquarters this morning (April 14) to demand an explanation.

After registration for the government’s Bt5,000 handout scheme experienced several errors, the ministry said registrants could appeal online if they were rejected.

When the 100 arrived, the office put up a notification explaining that the ministry would not entertain any complaints and appeals would have to be made via the official website.

This infuriated the group even further, and they marched to Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana’s office, demanding that he explain to them why they were refused the money in the first place.

Security officers had to block them from entering, before ministry permanent secretary Prasong Poontaneat and spokesman Lavaron Sangsanit came out to calm them down.

Most of the group were taxi drivers and merchants who lost their income amid the Covid-19 crisis.

They said they did not receive the money because the system showed that they were business owners and farmers, which they were not.