Man bludgeons four-year-old son to death in Bangkok flat

A man has been charged with murder after bludgeoning his four-year-old son in their Bangkok flat while high on drugs on Friday (April 17).

Local police responded to a call that a boy had been fatally injured in an apartment in Phasicharoen district.

Finding the door to the flat locked, they forced their way inside where they discovered a man who appeared to be under the influence of drugs, holding a bloodstained pestle in his hand.

His wife had already left for the hospital with the son, whose skull was found to be fractured. The boy later died at the hospital.

The apartment’s manager told the police that she saw the boy’s mother taking her son to hospital after returning from work and finding him lying on the floor covered in blood.

Following an investigation, police revealed the father had taken methamphetamines and was unable to give them any useful information about the incident since he barely spoke the language.

He was arrested and charged with murder before being sent to investigating officers.