Poll points to a Bangkok sweep


The “XL” party, which wants to rule alone in the next government, was the most popular party in 34 of Bangkok’s 37 constituencies as well as the preferred party-list choice, according to a survey conducted by Thammasat University and The Nation. The popularity survey,

conducted between January 22-23 on 20,978 respondents in 37 districts, showed that Bangkok voters regarded local elections to be different from national polls.

In the party-list system, the survey found that “XL” was favoured by 47.3 per cent of respondents. “L”, the party that is stressing the need for an effective opposition, was the choice of 26.5 per cent of the respondents, “M”, a medium sized party that wants to have a presence in Bangkok, was chosen by 6.9 per cent, and “S’,’ the party that considers itself the new alternative, was liked by 4.8 per cent.

The survey found that neither “S” nor “M” will make their presence felt in this election in the capital.

In the constituency race, “L” was tops in Constituency 6, comprising Bang Rak, Samphantawong and Sathorn, and Constituency 7, comprising Yannawa and Sathorn, and Constituency 30, including Bangkok Noi, the survey showed.

“L” was neck and neck with “XL” in Constituencies 1, 4, 20, 33 and 36. The survey found that an attractive female candidate fielded by “M” was favoured by 36.3 per cent of voters, leaving her to trail the “XL’’ candidate, who enjoyed 46.5 per cent support.

The survey was conducted before the controversy surrounding the educational credentials of an “XL” candidate.

The poll found that Bangkok voters wanted the new government to give priority to tackling economic problems, followed by the violence in the South and traffic problems.

Based on a private survey undertaken less than seven days before the election, Thai Rak Thai expects to win between 30-33 constituencies out of the 37 in the capital, a party source said yesterday.

Thai Rak Thai may lose in Don Muang to Chat Thai after reports that Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University had revoked the bachelor’s degree of its candidate. The party admitted that Karun Hosakul’s popularity dropped following the controversy. The party may also lose to the Democrats in Constituencies 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 28 and 32.

The party expects to be involved in a neck-and-neck race with the Democrats in Constituencies 6, 20, 21, 22, 30 and 36, the source said.

Published on February 03, 2005

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