Mixed sales picture overall : Cars down in November, but pickups pick up


A total of 57,719 vehicles were sold in November, down just 0.1 per cent from the same month last year, with a decline in the passenger-car segment but growth in the 1-tonne-pickup market.

A total of 13,645 passenger cars were sold, down 14.9 per cent, while commercial vehicle sales went up by 5.5 per cent to 44,074. Sales of 1-tonne pickups, which make up the majority of the commercial-vehicle market, reached 39,140 units, up 1.2 per cent.

From January to November, sales reached 566,905 units, down 5.1 per cent compared to the same period last year, with 158,099 passenger cars (down 6.9 per cent) and 408,806 commercial vehicles (down 4.4 per cent). Sales of 1-tonne pickups were 358,672 units (down 8.4 per cent).

In the past 11 months, the decline in the automobile market has weakened thanks to continuous sales promotions from automobile companies, as well as the introduction of new models throughout the 11-month period, such as the Isuzu D-Max Gold Series, Toyota Vios, Nissan Navara, Honda CR-V and Chevrolet Captiva.

The decline of passenger-car sales in November was a result of consumers waiting for clarification of the government’s promotion of E20 gasohol, on which the excise duty is being lowered from 30 per cent to 25 per cent.

Meanwhile, growth in the commercial-vehicle sector came from attractive sales promotions by all companies, including hire-purchase conditions that are beneficial to companies needing to purchase trucks. The upcoming general election also stimulated growth in the segment, despite fuel prices, which were raised six times during the month to a new high.

However, December auto sales are expected to reach a high level, due to the buying season when there are more sales promotions and customers are drawn in by the Thailand International Moto Expo, where 17,566 orders were placed for new vehicles. Political campaigning is expected to boost the market further.

In November, Toyota was the biggest seller with 26,173 units (up 1.4 per cent for a 45.3-per-cent market share), followed by Isuzu with 16,014 units (down 4.1 per cent, 27.7-per-cent share) and Honda with 3,506 units (down 30.3 per cent, 6.1-per-cent share).

Toyota was also the biggest seller of passenger cars with 8,232 units (down 2.2 per cent, 60.3-per-cent share), followed by Honda with 3,162 units (up 34.7 per cent, 23.2-per-cent share) and Chevrolet with 614 units (down 47.1 per cent, 4.5-per-cent share).

In the 1-tonne-pickup segment, Toyota sold 16,284 units (down 0.5 per cent, 41.6-per-cent share), followed by Isuzu with 15,221 units (down 3.5 per cent, 38.9-per-cent share) and Nissan with 2,606 units (up 100.5 per cent, 6.7-per-cent share).

In the pickup-passenger-vehicle (PPV) segment, which is part of the pickup market, sales reached 2,357 units in November, with Toyota selling 1,216 units, Isuzu 1,045 and Ford 92.

In the pure pickup market, sales were 36,783 units, up 1.4 per cent.

Toyota led with 15,068 units (up 2.2 per cent, 41-per-cent share), followed by Isuzu with 14,172 units (down 5.7 per cent, 38.5-per-cent share) and Nissan with 2,606 units (up 100.5 per cent, 7.1-per-cent share).

In the commercial-vehicle market, Toyota led with 17,941 units (up 3.2 per cent, 40.7-per-cent share), followed by Isuzu with 16,014 units (down 4.1 per cent, 36.3-per-cent share) and Nissan with 2,697 units (up 95.4 per cent, 6.1-per-cent share).

From January to October, Toyota sold 251,671 units (down 0.8 per cent, 44.4-per-cent share), followed by Isuzu with 133,765 units (down 12.8 per cent, 23.6-per-cent share) and Honda with 56,961 units (down 1.7 per cent, 10-per-cent share).

Passenger-car sales in the first 11 months were 158,099 units, down 6.9 per cent. Toyota sold 84,784 units (up 2.3 per cent, 53.6-per-cent share), followed by Honda with 48,610 units (down 15.2 per cent, 30.7-per-cent share) and Chevrolet with 6,700 units (up 1.1 per cent, 4.2-per-cent share).

The 1-tonne-pickup market reached 358,672 units (down 8.4 per cent). Toyota sold 152,059 units (down 5.6 per cent, 42.4-per-cent share), while Isuzu sold 124,528 units (down 13 per cent, 34.7-per-cent share) and Nissan sold 28,689 units (up 38.4 per cent, 8-per-cent share).

PPV sales were 20,585 units, with Toyota selling 13,604, Isuzu 6,118 and Ford 863.

The pure pickup market was 338,087, down 8.1 per cent.

Toyota led with 138,455 units (down 3.5 per cent, 41-per-cent share), followed by Isuzu with 118,410 units (down 14 per cent, 35-per-cent share) and Nissan with 28,689

units (up 38.4 per cent, 8.5-per-cent share).

The commercial-vehicle market was 408,806 units, down 4.4 per cent.

Toyota was first with 166,887 units (down 2.3 per cent, 40.8-per-cent share), followed by Isuzu with 133,765 units (down 12.8 per cent, 32.7-per-cent share) and Nissan with 30,468 units (up 35.1 per cent, 7.5-per-cent share).

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