How To Become A Writer

Writing and Speaking

Writing can be defined as the way of presenting your thoughts, knowledge, or experiences in literary terms. It is a skill that helps you to express yourself without any verbal form of communication. It can also be defined as an art that allows you to be creative and develop new ways of presenting your thoughts, opinions, or experiences. Writing is a major part of our daily life, and at some point, we write something in the form of daily activities. So, anyone, including you who express themselves with the help of literary means can be called a writer.

But, there are different categories of writers depending upon their writing skills, efficiency, nature, and quality of writing.

It can be divided into categories like a good writer, a great writer, a creative writer, or a professional writer. You can choose from the categories depending upon what type of writer you want to become and where you have to apply it. We all have some stories within us and just need to know the right way to express it. It is not something impossible to become a good writer. Therefore, you just need to have dedication, hard work, and willingness to improve your writing skills.

So, here are some ways given by Eduminatti

one of the top admission consultants in India to help you become a good writer:

Set goals – Determining your targets and setting goals will help you to go on the right track and will not let you divert from it. You must decide in which field you want to take your writing skills. Different fields require a different way of writing patterns and presenting your thoughts. So, you should take appropriate measures to work on your writing skills according to suitability.

Set a proper routine – After deciding your targets and goals, you must prepare a proper routine for a uniform process of learning the writing skills. You must analyze and plan for the future about how you should be carrying out the activities. Following a routine will help you to avoid a lack of interest and keep your uniform during the process.

Read and explore – Try to read as many things as you can without setting any limits. This amount of reading will lead you to come across new words that will automatically increase your knowledge and will also improve your vocabulary. You can read your favourite topics from anywhere, like articles, newspapers, blogs, e-books, etc. You can say that reading is the key that will help you unlock the lock of your mind. Nothing can be more efficient and effective than reading as you will get to know about what other people think, write, how they express, and most importantly, it will boost your thinking capacity.

Follow simple Rules – While practising, you must know and remember about some basic mistakes that people often do. Here are some simple ways that will improve your writing skills:

  • Try to use short sentences rather than long ones.
  • Be careful while using verbs, adjectives, or use of voice, in your sentences.
  • Divide your writing into paragraphs rather than writing bulky paragraphs.
  • Use words that can be read easily and understood by everyone.
  • Always be careful while expressing. Therefore, try to say what you mean.

Practice – To be more practical, you should develop a habit of keeping a journal or a personal diary. You can also go for writing blogs, articles to improve your writing. Should always take part in activities where your writing skills will be challenged. All these habits will ultimately help you to develop a habit of practising writing daily and will also keep you In touch with the newly learned things.

Do not quit – The most serious problem while writing is that we easily get bored and get tired of writing. So, every time after following the routine for a few days we give up.

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